Onboard SFTP users automation

Create credentials for an SFTP user automatically

Create credentials(username and password) for a user of your SFTP site without having to login to the site and execute the commands manually for each user

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This tool integrates with any application and simplifies the task of creating a user for your SFTP site. 

The following details are required to get started:

  • Name of the user/company* - the system generates a username based on this field if nothing is specified in the custom username field
  • IP address of the user* - the system accepts a single IP or multiple IPs, separated by a `,` and also CIDR notation of IP to the whitelist so that this user can only be accessed from these IPs.
  • Email* - mailing address to which the user credentials should be sent once they are created. For security reasons, the username and password are sent over in two different mails
  • Custom Username - if specified, this username will be used, if not the system will generate a username using the name of the user/company

Key Features:

  • Security - This tool uses IP whitelisting and will only allow users from the mentioned IP address to login. In simple words, even if someone manages to steal the username and password, they won't be able to login to the SFTP site from a different IP address.
  • Allow only SFTP and not SSH - the users created using this tool cannot SSH into your server and so this user can only run SFTP commands.
  • Jail users to their own Home directory - Every user created using this tool, has his own home directory and can only access(read/write) data within this directory.