Fitbit Device Solution

Custom designed Fitbit smartwatches devices for serving notifications and collecting data inputs

As a component of the Fitbit Enterprise Solution, we have enriched the capabilities of Fitbit Smartwatch devices to help enhance the user experience and provide an extra source of data collection. This solution was developed to help ensure patients are enabling healthy lifestyle habits. Custom notifications help to remind patients and reinforce healthy habits. Custom data inputs are used to gain greater visibility into how a patients are feeling and if clinical outreach is needed.

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This custom smartwatch solution is comprised of four main components:

  1. Custom Branding: Custom branded watch face designs.
  2. User Set Notification: In the settings of the watch users can input the time they would like to receive a notification. For example, a user can input the time they would like to receive a notification asking "Have you taken your vitamins?". The user's response to this Yes/No question is logged in a database.
  3. Randomly Persisting Notification: At a random point within the day the user will receive a notification asking them a Yes/No question. The response to that question is logged in a database and throughout the rest of the day, the user will receive several more dismissable notifications to help enforce the initial one.
  4. Custom Data Entry: On the watch face the user has the ability to cycle through several input options and provide a response. For example, we can ask the question "Rate your pain on a scale of 1-5". At any time of the day the user can input how they are feeling and we can track their response in a backend database.

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Fitbit Device Solution