Child Care Integrated Solution

Enhance early childhood education services and help families get back to work

Robust solution to administer Child Care facilities at a state or local level.

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Web Application Modules

  • Parent portal - search for providers, enroll, check-in and checkout, apply for parent financial aid
  • Provider portal - apply and view certifications, update availability, check-in and checkout, view and schedule inspections
  • Agency portal - case management for financial aid applications, inspection coordination, reporting, certifications, approval, and distribution of funds

Mobile Application Modules

  • Parent - enroll and confirm attendance, check-in checkout; validation
  • Providers - kiosk, and mobile application; tablet, PIN number authentication, confirm attendance, check-in and checkout
  • Agency - inspections (checklist violations, pictures, and annotations); field caseworkers

Additional Add-on Components

  • CCAI, Document AI, Translation, Data warehouse, and reporting

Reference Architecture

Child Care Integrated Solution