Form Processing and Data Entry Automation

Custom Form Parser and Export to Legacy Application

Quick start program for automating a single custom form and exporting the data into an existing 3rd party applications

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Business Need:

  • Reducing manual paper document processes and the associated carbon footprint while improving citizen services
  • Reduce error prone and costly manual data entry processing
  • Critical data is often stored in documents and is often needed as key information for constituent databases to provide enhanced services
  • Backlogs of paper documents reduce the effectiveness of services
  • Existing document management systems often require modernization of their ingest and data extraction processes


  • Automated scan to Document AI process for a single custom form
  • User upload capability via web form
  • Data extracted into a Cloud SQL database for easy export into a legacy application
  • Web form for data QC - HITL
  • Default export into CSV but other integrations are available; SFDC etc.
  • 8 week engagement

Reference Architecture

Form Processing and Data Entry Automation