Fitbit Enterprise Solution

Managing and storing multiple users' Fitbit data through a secure pipeline, enabling the use of analytics to uncover procedural trends.

Enhancing the outcomes of medical procedures is an ongoing process of building off of best practices and using the best available tools. Through the use of Fitbits wearable devices, we are now able to provide hospitals and surgeons with objective data related to their patient’s health and wellness. We have created a Fitbit-GCP Enterprise Analytics Platform leveraging Kubernetes, BigQuery, Vertex AI, and Looker to uncover patient and procedural trends to help enhance best practices.

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Hospitals and surgeons have always longed for an ongoing and painless way to analyze their patients’ day-to-day. Requiring patients to constantly report their daily health data can be irritating for the patients, especially when going through pre or post-op care. Fitbit devices allow for an easy way to record patients’ data and we have designed a method of extracting that data and storing it in GCP. Additionally, the capabilities of GCP allow for simultaneous analysis of this stored data using AI and machine learning.

Solution Components

  • Dynamic web app deployed on GKE
  • Participant on-boarding and consent process
  • Conversion of Fitbit Web API to Open mHealth standard
  • Custom data input & notifications through Fitbit Devices (see Fitbit Device Solution)
  • Embeddable Looker components

Reference Architecture

Fitbit Enterprise Solution