Visual Inspection - Medical Device Kits

Use Google's best in class Vertex AI suite to save on supply chain costs by streamline inspections and increase error prevention rates

This solution provides compliant, accurate and timely inspection for medical device kits, reducing the complexity and cost to serve by communicating defects early.

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Leveraging GCPs Vertex AI and Visual Inspection Suite to improve process reliability by implementing early intervention defect detection to reduce the cost of supply chain inconsistencies.  

Process Flow

  1. Centralize historical records of defects or initiate defect data collection and storage.
  2. Label images with known defects or defective components.
  3. Train the model to identify defective device kits.
  4. Deploy the model leveraging an on-premise, smart camera-enabled infrastructure OR stream data to GCP for real-time processing and supply chain error intervention.
  5. Serve results back to an operational display.
  6. Collect results for model improvement or new model creation.

Sample Architectures for on-premise/cloud-hybrid processing & on-cloud processing implementation