Food Distribution App

AppSheet app to manage food distribution across food banks

This app was built for the Colorado Department of Human Services - Supplemental Food Program to be used by the agency itself and also the individual contractors that they work with. The app is used to compile and manage the caseload (meals) served by each food bank and the inventory of each food product on a month to month basis. The app also provides metrics for each contractor so the state agency can monitor the performance of each contractor and determine if a contractor is underperfoming.

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This app has several features:

-Editable tables for food product inventory by month for each contractor.

-Inventory vs caseload and inventory by food category (which is tied to the editable tables)

-A combined inventory table totaling the six contractors

-A distribution site list highlighting the individual food banks underneath the contractors where a user can add or delete a site which then triggers an automated email

-Another editable table for contractors to enter in caseload (meals) served by individual distribution site, then a contractor will confirm the total number of meals served across all of their sites.

-The caseload served data entered in above is tied to a metrics tab that highlights the percent of allocation served for each contractor for the previous and current months. Whenever a percent served metric is below 95%, an automated email is sent out to the state agency.

-Map showing the location of every distribution site. This is integrated with Google Maps so a user is able to get driving directions while in the app.