Virtual Agent for Courts and Jurors

Improve Access to Juror Information and Status

Virtual Agent to Respond to Juror Inquiries and Improve Customer Service

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Following the COVID-19 pandemic, State and Local court systems across the country have struggled to keep up with informational requests from Jurors and others interacting with the court. With smaller teams and less resources coupled with an increase in people looking for online assistance, court's employees do not have enough resources to support all of the questions and calls they receive, especially ones initiated by jurors.

Leveraging Google's Dialogflow Chatbot and Virtual Agent, this Solution provides easier and more equitable access to court information and juror FAQs/status. By building a conversational experience based on machine learning, court circuits and systems can improve their customer support experience and provide faster answers to juror questions, status updates, website navigation, and more. This text and voice accessible virtual agent allows for 24/7 support with availability for multi-lingual capabilities. This tool will enable your team to focus on more important or time sensitive tasks while best serving your constituents.