Public Records Web Portal

Web portal powered by AppEngine for requesting and tracking public records.

Public records request management and tracking web portal for both citizens/departments requesting documents and administrators who are fulfilling these requests. The backbone of the application is a collection of dynamic forms that are easy to create, update, and edit. The application is hosted in Google’s App Engine, which provides unparalleled scalability and reliability without the headaches of traditional systems maintenance and operations. . The Solution includes a set of dashboards and reports that meet the needs of your requirements plus customization features to provide unlimited reporting options.

Request Demo


Our Solution offers two web portals to manage document requests; an internal application to assist administrators in managing and fulfilling document requests, and an external application used by citizens and other request entities for submission and request monitoring. The web portals will leverage a number of Google Cloud Platform tools, such as App Engine for the web and mobile back end, Python as a code base, and Firebase for authentication services.