Vital Records Document AI

Automated Document processing for vital records (birth certificates, marriage certificates etc.).

Automated solution to scan the vital record documents and automatically extract relevant information for reporting

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Statement of Need:

State and County Government Agencies are required to maintain vital records of their citizens. Many of these documents are stored on microfilm and then the agency maintains their own database of the index and where the film is located. The manual indexing and microfilm process is costly, out of date and adds a significant amount of time to search and extract for public requests.


To increase the efficiency of the process, reduce the time for the public to receive their documents and to move to an electronic document registry, BlueVector AI has developed an automated solution to allow agency personnel to scan the vital record documents into a cloud storage bucket and then automatically extract the relevant information using Document AI which will be stored into a Cloud SQL database for reporting and rapid retrieval. This solution will complement modernization strategies of moving to an electronic constituent database to include marriage, birth, death and divorce records in a unified data warehouse

This new process will facilitate the reduction of paper documents to electronic data and allow the agency to provide better service to recently residents who need these documents.